Fulfilment of World Civilization
global green transformation of integrated growth
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add, klimakirke samspiller med klimafondet
ahimsa helse konstitusjons standard naturligvis
Gulf stream seams to stop up
global integrity and capital city experience, the exhibition
grønn betong revolusjon
Royal Anandam Hall of Nidaros
Year of Global Integrity Celebration


The Declaration of World Constitution of Our Global Homeland and Integrity
 New Fundamental Human Right and Duty and / or the infrastructure of global integrity; New Fundamental Global Order with the Global Voice of Conscience, nonpolitical world democracy by this our constitution of global integrity, it is a great joy to introduce. The independence and freedom of the individual depends on decent organizations so one is not involved in bad things being responsible for crime, terrorism against humanity by static of poverty or risks of climate change as byproducts of world economy and given an opportunity to live in freedom. Leaving responsibility to others may make one responsible for their wrong doings, so in order for each and every one to live without being involved in bad things, an infrastructure of world peace and global integrity must be upheld by most people of the world. Perhaps just by voting from time to time by important questions of our nonpolitical global democracy, the global integrity desperately needed, may be saving the world. Fulfilling the development of world civilization is the role Universitas Enterprise, however 36 years have gone and unfortunately we must state, if it is not too late. The desperate climate change situation indicates that the world beyond repair have collapsed already, it just takes some more time, heating the 3000m deep ocean take time. The desperate situation is also the other part of the terrible terrorism against humanity, even though a complete strategy to balance climate change is found by our common world, health, knowledge and climate defense, people  with position seem to seek how to abuse the terror, rather than a solution which can not be used for further terror, unfortunatedly. They created asnd upheld the problem the last 2 decades by patterns of
corruption where oil economy is just one aspect. It is our duty to state that the world is with this sickness, and a collapse which may come any time, may damage the world so it stops being what it is. No possibilities to build or save it. Our only common world defense is the organization of Universitas Enterprise as defined by the Constitution. While it is a must and people wants to promote a good future for their children, it is still hope, and therefor also a great joy to introduce, knowing how most important it is for you, for me, for our family and country, for the whole world. The Constitution have all it takes to be the principles of organizing the cooperation and nothing which should be a problem for anyone to accept, it is universally acceptable, easy for anyone to support, as by voting.
Concept Formation have changed the relationship to “science” and even though the enterprise fulfills the philosophy and role of science, it relates to “science” as a word for knowledge, but relates to all knowledge. We do not want to be associated with the bad developments in the name of science and universities, as climate change. Union of all knowledge is the role of the faulty of wholeness by 4 institutes of comparative research study and Universitas Library we welcome one and all to join building with or without titles of universities. “science of wholeness” is now Universitas Enterprise and “integrated growth” a better concept than innovation, science and sustainable development and with a resolute intellect, not playing games or loosing peoples time by stupid education.
This represents universal values of upholding global co-operation between citizens to ensure the freedom and
independence of the individual, the people of the world. The universal law of global cooperation between citizens of the world to uphold a global safety net for all, was developed during the eighties and formulated by these articles during the nineties by several independent and humanitarian foundations as Independent University Foundation and Universitas Week established January 1980 by the founder of the science of wholeness, Rajananand Dhananjaya, then known as Stein Roar Andersen (up to 2004). The Constitution represents only universal acceptable values as free a minimum of food, clothing and housing, free information, free participation in pure, non-political democracy and cultural expressions of the unification of world society. That it is non-political means that all participating in the cooperation is equal to everyone else, the values shared are a free minimum and no one decides what others should do. The democracy is communication also in how to participate in the minimum of universal co-operation to receive or produce these values and finally the defined values as presented in the following is the only values to be produced, the co-operation is not going to serve any other interests than the defined, common universal values. However, establishing stock companies without giving values away, but a system of paying for assistance and cooperation when values is shared, is accepted and further establishing new nations by climate ships to protect the businesses and ensure tax freedom and non-interference from interests dominated by corruption or isolated interests. Never to give away anything but profit potential and income opportunities, so one is just paying, may ensure the principle of the cooperation should not represent any other values than those of one and all by this constitution, the 4 main roles of
the constitution to protect. Everyone is welcomed to be an editor of the reference center of Universitas Library, and for some time earn money on the shared values, before they become the property of one and all.
The government of the universal cooperation is more like everyone communicating how to share responsibility for what priority of action they want to uphold, strictly within the area of universal co-operation, one is upholding as an independent, global system, not competing with anyone or to be taken to represent any other interest than those defined as universal global responsibility of Universitas Enterprise. The independence of the individual is the freedom of the universal co-operation, independence from others opinions as well, and of course a minimum of housing, clothing and food as New Fundamental Economical World Order, adds the dignity of freedom, too. If this is produced by universal co-operation or a minimum income is given by the global digital currency of World Peace Fund’s World Peace Bank / The Global Bank to give everyone free a minimum income, is still to be seen and is work in progress as Blue Currency Bank consider protecting children and women first, applications under consideration. As any Constitution, the purpose is to establish the universally acceptable principles and to protect the organization and its members for abuse of corrupt representation of the whole, here world society in universal cooperation.
The Global Voice of Conscience
The Constitution of New Fundamental Global Order by nonpolitical world democracy and Universitas Enterprise to integrate the world of knowledge by Universitas Library and the world itself.
World Constitution of Global Integrity
Article 1 The freedom and independence of the world is founded by the freedom and independence of the individual. This global freedom is based on everyone's respect for the foundation of everyone's fundamental human right(s) to enjoy a minimum of normal, pure and healthy food and water, a free personal place to stay and live and free access to the knowledge needed to be well educated, know the paths of right action and responsibilities (human duties) to achieve success in life. The fulfillment of this human right, global freedom can only be by most people participating in a universal system of sharing these values and information of how not to be damaging others freedom. This new fundamental human right and duty is a non-political, non-religious, - a non-violence global universal co-operation without corruption or other goals than those of upholding this new foundation for peace and harmony, freedom, achievements, growth and development, fulfilling for the individual and society on all levels. The Royal Principle of World Peace; that all of us living on this beautiful planet of ours must stay and grow together, achieve fulfillment together is based on adding this new foundation to world society outside the differences of economy, military, politics, intellectual understanding, religion etc. New Fundamental Human Right and Duty represents that we together uphold
global, universal co-operation to give 4 values alone: New Fundamental Economical World Order, a minimum of housing, clothing and food free for those joining in first, when established everywhere, for everyone. New Fundamental Information, Communication, Research and Education Order (a common library of the Unity of Science, available for everyone by the Science of Wholeness Enterprise and Peace Faculties of Comparative Research Study to be independently established by the coordination of universal co-operation. The Global Voice of Conscience, pure and global democracy or communication by this book as well as: The Revolution of Science ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE UNITY OF SCIENCE Together for Peace (86) by Stein Roar Andersen. He introduces this Science of Wholeness Enterprise and its scientific principles as the basis of global integration and unification, - a universal and independent organization of global, pure co-operation to govern in freedom how everyone choose to join in within the simplest realization of these common and universal goals of mankind and foundation for the fulfillment of world civilization. World opinion can be expressed as a guide for governments and others. Classic Culture Celebration with the capital city of the world (World Capital) as a cultural meeting point for the fulfillment of world society, classic culture, a new tradition to integrate and purify all classical traditions of the world and celebrations to enjoy global unification around the year, around the world. Rajananand Dhananjaya as the founder and knower of reality is given a royal position to protect the enterprise unto world democracy governs; title Maharaja or Rajan of the World. Maharaja / Rajan indicates a royal position and initiative given by the challenge of time and the responsibility of seeing the opportunity
and duty, but is just an example of the role of the individual in world society, by position and universal responsibility and means, king, the one for the whole world! (As a name however, of course it is a used name by many and consider just a life supporting sound!) As example of the majestic position of the individual, but Stein Roar Andersen / Rajananand Dhananjaya is also representing within the co-ordination and pure democracy everyone by number which is not yet partaking in the democracy. He enjoys all those votes when decisions are taken by the democracy! Anyone can join in without changing society, culture etc. as such, we just want to add the freedom of the individual and his opportunities to integrate the best of knowledge in the development of society. Its cocoordinating functioning is non-political and upholds a coordinating organization within universal development of a global cocoordinating network of free individuals. This was the preliminary edition of article one of 5 of the universal law of global co-operation; World Constitution, still so complete that you can relate to it as the foundation for global, universal co-operation. (These balances is nothing but duty and needed in order to protect the integration of the world also against corruption of the initiative of Rajananand. Becoming king of the world empire, is not an aspiration, however, he hope to establish his own mini kingdom more like a “Vatican state” in order to protect his independence as more than a thousand such kingdoms is planned, perhaps a hundred thousand, dependent on weather so many leaders are to be found. A self realized man is the independence we want to promote for everyone, and any self-realized man, is self-referring, being beneath no one, nothing in the world overshadows his experience of his pure being and he do
not need to be important on others costs. This majestic nature of all is the anandam, bliss of his own self, well established it is his nature to care for the wellbeing of the world, do fulfil his duty. From such a point of view nothing in the world is of much importance and winning the world for all is a matter of winning one’s own self, otherwise winning the world and loosing ones own self, is the opposite, the most stupid things to do. People with shame and anxiety, overshadowed by the lack of personal integrity, seems to be seeking to be important on others costs, our common world defense however, is not representing anyone’s personal interest, the cooperation is based om everyone part-time participate to promote the common interest of the world, which is most urgent, and the situation is so desperate that we have declared Marshall Law. The Constitution here presented and commented here before Article 2 is presented, is so good, that we easily cam go together doing what must be done and then when world democracy is established, one can discuss and decide. Let’s enjoy and celebrate our global homeland as an empire worth protecting as our global homeland, your local country as your mother and the global homeland as your father. A selfrealized or intelligent man, of course is humble, not being below somebody and not in the orientation of being better than anybody. Self-realization is growing in your majestic nature. Object reference, relating to wealth is also not self-referral and natural. Rajananand) 
Article 2 To uphold global, universal co-operation accordingly everyone is welcome to join in as a co-coordinator equal to any other coordinator, representing his pure position as coordinator and no other interests of his
own, or others, a business, etc. - except those interest refereed in the library of the unity of knowledge, Universitas Library, where any "books" or information can be a part of the reference center. All coordinating activity should be given priorities in relation to developing the foundation of freedom as a whole and as Universities week program and network building, by voting ertc. When first priorities as far as possible are fulfilled there is possible to choose how to join in by new fundamental human right and duty within the scientific and cultural enterprise as a whole. Before global realization at least 1/3 of the time and resources should be dedicated to growth, welcoming new citizens to join in as coordinators as everyone else and preparing this as an opportunity according to both new fundamental human duty and right and coordinator is the main functioning of the democracy, by voting. The reference center is there so everyone can define activities according to priorities and choose how to join in according to the system of communication presented at page 4249 in the book The Revolution of Science ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF THE UNITY OF SCIENCE. ()Universitas Library is the concept formation development of the title.)
As founder, Rajananand is the only one by his royal position to decide any other activities than the universal cooperation in order to initiate and accelerate the growth of participants to realize a true world democracy by most citizens of world society. This may include establishing Ltd. companies but of course with at least 50% of the shares by World Peace Fund or other foundations of the enterprise and with 10-20 years profit potential, but still not giving away that the co-operation is growing towards complete freedom, for instance free information for citizens by
the Library of the Unity of Science, while companies might develop subscriptions now costing 1200 $ and so at least for 10 years with compensation and there are possibilities for earning a basic subscription for persons in countries where the amount is a "fortune" or difficult by joining the week program alone. No one other than Rajananand or later by world democracy of 90% of world population should enjoy this right to decide agreements to reach everyone as soon as possible. Rajananand can do so either as President of World Peace and Constitution Fund of Global Integrity (independent charity or mild foundation and administration of the promotion of the enterprise of Independent University Foundation) or private by royal position, of course within the truth: the enterprise belongs to the world, by Rajananand's and others gift to mankind and by this constitution and others contributions. The foundations by the obvious balances are allowed to dispose the properties of the enterprise, but the enterprise belongs to the people of the world, so for instance foundations cannot give intellectual property as our logo or books away or risk it. So with patents of the climate fund, one of our foundations, however allow others for limited time to earn good money, is allowed. 
Article 3 The world citizens uphold legislative power by giving direction to the universal co-operation and when most citizens stay together (90%) laws can be given, for instance to control the freedom and independence of the library science as reference center, in as many ways as possible, standards for a minimum of clothing, housing or food or global money and bank, how to uphold democracy in its purest form etc. One question is that global democracy should not interfere with national
integrity, however, the reference center might both be used for national election as well as debate even presenting pure national democracy for the Global Land of Environmental Cities as developed. Everyone's participation is expected to be free, without personal involvement except for coordinating duties, because the global goals are universal and nonpolitical founded as the science of wholeness enterprise and this is the best interest of the union of world society, whit protection of the interests of the individual in this co-operation. The co-operation is based on the simplest possible participation in universal co-operation. If someone intend to take a path outside the simplest without mistakes, by the reference center, laws can be given to protect the universal cooperation from being involved and the integrity of those joining in our enterprise, their interest in not being represented by anything but the universal co-operation, with no other than the defined universally acceptable goals, rules or laws and cooperation of this Constitution.  
Article 4 Judging whether there exists disagreement of the freedom and integrity concerning other interests than those of universal co-operation within the coordinating network, is done by a sufficient number making it a first priority for everyone on the local, national or global level as a question for global democracy to consider within the duty hours where everyone can register their opinion. If someone demands that a question of co-ordination should be considered by the democracy as something competing with the purity and one pointed growth towards the goals of universal co-operation, then the questioned activity must stop unto accepted by 95% on a global level if it is a principle of the activity which is a question of not harmonizing with
established activities, unless decided by the royal position of the founder within the known balances, not to be shared by anyone else He is after 36 years the only one who have the knowledge needed to represent the enterprise alone. He is allowed to earn 1,2 billion NOK on stock companies and build his own country, in order to protect his independence as the green world transformation currency have reserved enough money for Rajananand Dhananjaya to be the richest man in the world. All questions of such doubt of new activities established, anyone can raise questions about in a reference center for the democracy within our library and published by the reference center as network communication. Laws should be agreed to regulate this on all steps of development in order to protect the purity and freedom of the minimum acceptable principles of the co-ordination to grow, achieve progress and enjoy fulfillment together. FREEDOM TO DO WHATEVER NATURAL STEPS OF PROGRESS REPRESENTS AND FROM HAVING TO UPHOLD NOTHING BUT A MINIMUM ACTIVITIES OF NEW FUNDAMENTAL GLOBAL ORDER is everyone's right to protect as a common safety net for all, as a coordinator and defender of world peace. We are not speaking of application of the reference center for any purpose organized as basic subscription and editor functioning, everyone can enjoy by the library of the and the Global Times subscription business, which is a free information system for the purposes of those using it. When The Global Times is a business organization where any business may freely compete, contributions to the library of the unity of science is free and ours, however, taking money for organizing access to the information is what the business is reduced to and to be regulated by
companies as suggested! Payment for information is for a limited time and sum maximum. However laws must be integrated, for instance, pictures of a free reference center must be by those in a picture giving acceptance to reproduction perhaps and communication against good standards of common sense as violent pornography, must be balanced by laws or by discrimination to uphold freedom also from others impurities and in respect for everyone!  
Article 5 These articles are not to be changed in order to protect the freedom of the participant from creating anything than that is not agreed upon, so his participation is not abused to serve other interests that the common true interests of everyone as defined by this our constitution. This to safeguard the independence and universal foundation for world democracy, peace and fulfillment so it is universally acceptable. No new direction to activity must be given unless 99% of world population is behind it in freedom or Rajananand as a knower of reality can include it according to the spirit and principles of the enterprise as a whole, only. Any disagreeable or questionable activity is everyone's duty to report to the reference center and coordinating unit with responsibility for presenting questions for the Global Voice of Conscience to give guidance in direction of global freedom. No one should have any decision making position other than that of a coordinator, but founder Rajananand may apply these rules according to need of time unto democracy is self-sufficient without him.. Welcoming others by Universities week arrangement, subscriptions, etc. is a first priority activity of the network building of the infrastructure of global integrity here presented.. Unifying world society is a
royal approach and the royal we, everyone is welcome to enjoy by the Royal Principle of World Peace and as we are traveling around the sun. In the explosion of information as Internet, TV etc. the Library of the Unity of Knowledge controlled by the global democracy can ensure reliability and freedom in this vital foundation for world development, exploded as "the information age" without democratic balance and principles that is up to date as this Constitution. Global Land everywhere either by this Constitution or partly by suggested national union by own national constitutions (own countries with constitution perhaps like that of Norway) to solve problems around the world and ensure tax freedom where this constitution could be integrated in the Constitutions domain of non-political values of our global homeland, Rajananand finds it an acceptable agreement. Of all references of the library there should be routines for control beyond doubt both by computer routines and by regular duty check by everyone and written archives by our library. We suggest 3 independent levels of supercomputers to control and register everything within Global Intranet as fulfillment of the potential of Internet where a  byproduct may be witnessing all transport of money in the world by Global bank, giving a global digital currency and no “black economy”, all money registered. The Blue Currency paying everyone a minimum free income, may serve ass a tax for the international imbalance of ownership of property. However, most people will grow in wealth also the richest  People grow in independence from todays byproducts of world economy, as statistic of poverty. Democratic control is advised by groups of 1008 persons controlling collectively by meetings written references by digital achieved references by the participation in the
democracy and reference center of the members of the group and how this is registered by all groups or coordinating units of 1008 and they 2 or more units may meet together in order to uphold democratic control of everything by personal checking alone and by arranging celebrations for each other the unit, may be a good idea. One unit witnesses the voting of another and verifies digital registered values for confirmation, perhaps once a week, at least if all of economy is included in the arrangement. The different positions are shared with systems of control by random and are different each time. Personal and democratic control of information on all levels is most important This is for systematic democratic control by checking routines also to be upheld by all. We suggest building one house or environmental city with 1008 rooms, one room for each citizen, which the citizen of the group owns as a second, third or first home and have land producing food for these persons by universal co-operation as a seat for the person’s role in the democracy of the world. Producing a minimum of healthy food to one and all is most important as food is damaged in modern world and is not healthy and statistic of poverty and insecurity unhealthy stress is a shame for all. Democratic control meetings may be arranged together with a festival and take perhaps 2 hours a month! There should be written archives all over the world and also by each coordinator for everything on computer with free access for everyone, checking what he found in the computer reference center or by personal contact, regularly and in order to ensure that no organization are changing or controlling anything, which is very important to be aware of as a danger of corruption with huge national organization, multinational concerns etc. Everyone wanting to add should within universal co-operation have 4
witnesses upholding their own archives with this assistance as duty and other matters to be regularly controlled by routines on the local and global level, so in no tricky way it should be possible to abuse the reference center from any point of view. This above is the second preliminary constitution to be perfected and protected, preliminary but unchangeable unto 90% of world population verify or chance it as educated coordinators after upholding the order a few years or minor change by Rajananand adjusting it to be more complete, practical, perfect etc. 
March 2016  Rajananand Dhananjaya - Anand Global Integrity Celebration Year

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