Fulfilment of World Civilization
global green transformation of integrated growth
Norsk Norwegian
add, klimakirke samspiller med klimafondet
ahimsa helse konstitusjons standard naturligvis
Gulf stream seams to stop up
global integrity and capital city experience, the exhibition
grønn betong revolusjon
Royal Anandam Hall of Nidaros
Year of Global Integrity Celebration

global integrity and capital city experience, the exhibition

Our annual magazine was presented by above cover and preparing next year with focus on building the capital city of the world is prepared by the architecture of the climate ship, here with large ring diameter 216m, the biggest cruise ship in the world, but a diameter of 3024m would allow the donut shape part to be a zeppelin balloon with diameter 1008m, a flying city and the capital city, several flying nations together with ships when parking. one theme of celebration is global voting allowing people to express themselves and really do it, saving the world. Join in ,lets save the world.

A global currency to produce a fundamental income to all may be combined with producing a minimum of food by Health Standard Naturally, climate friendly vegan, without genetic manipulation and chemicals, without damage of the world by transport and production, seems to be a good way of balancing sideeffects of world economy, as poverty and climatechange by the green world transformation currency removing risks of the world collapsing, fulfilling world economy and giving all a safetynet by the infrastructure of global integrity. As 1 am welcomed to join world peace campaign of our common world and climate defence by voting and to consider the opportunities and share the research of global voice of conscience, non political world democracy, by inspiring and registering 4 others as soon as possible by 1-4-16-64, I aspire to promote that we together consider the opportunities of the global currency by global voting and integrity.


Global Voting need some study and consideration, participation may be done by yourself, but registering participation is best by a meeting where registration of participation and 5 minutes, so people may witness it, the rest of the meeting may be a festival, a celebration by Health Standard Naturally of Global Integrity, codes of honour of integrity also protecting celebrations from exploitation, violence and stress.

It is a great joy to present the picture at the exhibition, our global integrity logo. The ancient drawings combined was far from perfect and the wonder of mathematical magic found by Anand, reveals that it is much more to mystical values of ancient world history, than just something considered by people as special. 1008 and 108, "holy numbers" in India, the 1000 year old Yantra, perhaps also David star, Tibetan mandala, flower of life from around the world, pyramid architecture, Auyr og Stapthya Veda , Vedanta etc. A inner intelligence close to all aspects of life is expressed. When presenting our logo as the pyramid architecture blue print of the ancient world wide pyramid society, it is nice to find that the Bosnia Sun Pyramid, said to be the oldest, closest to the original pyramid values, as being the biggest found with amazing construction techniques, better than modern. An encyclopaedia of natural themes or just Auyr Veda related to our logo, is natural, so lets in stead enjoy the 9th wonder of historic time, that is if the Bosnia pyramid is real, my guess it is.

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