Fulfilment of World Civilization
global green transformation of integrated growth
Norsk Norwegian
add, klimakirke samspiller med klimafondet
ahimsa helse konstitusjons standard naturligvis
Gulf stream seams to stop up
global integrity and capital city experience, the exhibition
grønn betong revolusjon
Royal Anandam Hall of Nidaros
Year of Global Integrity Celebration

Year of Global Integrity Celebration


20th of March 2016 Inauguration of the new Universitas
Year on in Norway Spring Equinox and in our tradition of years since 1980 this
Day of Global Integrity celebrating the independence of the individual; World
Independence Day of Global Integrity. UNIVERSITAS WEEK, the 7-day congress with
one theme for each day gave the Universitas Enterprise and Universitas Academy
in January 1980. Universitas Enterprise to unify knowledge by a global
reference centre or Universitas Library, was introduced by the “unity of
science” as a concept, but unity of knowledge, is the concept of today, including
knowledge known as science. The independence of the individual we promote by
the Fundamental human rights of New Fundamental Global Order. The
infrastructure of world peace and global integrity as a safety net for each and
every one is not relating to politics and other aspects of differences in the
world, just celebrating the opportunity of the people of the world going
together organising the protection of the freedom and independence of all, as
world economy and  , national governments
is bound by organisations as world economy having by-products as shown by
statistic of poverty. 50 000 children dying every day is unacceptable by-products
of peoples working and spending. Another by-product of leaving responsibility
to economics, politics, science and other aspects of world society not
correlated to codes of honour of integrity or what is obvious one must relate
to, is the fact that the world most probably already have collapsed by damages
known as climate change. It is cold when you come home and you turn up the
heating say 12 degrees hotter, and by a modern thermostat you can rely on the
temperature to be set 12 degrees higher. It still take some time before the new
temperature is experienced, just at the world have probably a temperature 12
degrees higher than for 50 years ago, but it takes times to heat up the world
70% covered by a 3000m deep ocean and a lot of ice to be melted, too.
Scientists leaves responsibility to politicians or governments and governments
leave responsibility to scientists and world economy, and this leaving of
responsibility coming from most people leaving responsibility to others as
well, have created the problem or desperate situation which may in few weeks
lead to 5 m higher sea level, much higher temperature as if the streams of the
ocean stop mixing surface water with deep water and collapse of world economy.
This may happen, scientist by the climate panel of UN have calculated one
degree but most likely it is 12. So people taking responsibility joining our
common world, climate, health and knowledge defence is urgently needed. While
the theme of the new year is celebration of the fulfilment of the theoretical
aspect of the Universitas Enterprise, next year starts with the practical and
fun challenge of building the capital city of the world, we may expect that
most people in the world joining in our festival and celebration enterprise,
focusing on by a celebration gathering people, verifying their participation in
global voting by World Constitution of non-political world democracy, the
voting probably is enough to give ground for building the infrastructure f
global integrity presented by World Constitution as constitutional rights for
the people of the world. This hope for the world is practical because it is a
must and organised so anyone, each and every one easily can join in in, it is
universally acceptable, it represent the through interest of one and all, and
nothing but that. It should not represent isolated interests of national governments,
business, religion, etc. It is even though as by-products is bad there is an
if, if it is not too late we may fulfil the development of world civilization
and our world, a hope and opportunity worth celebrating and it is also our
great hoy to welcome you to join in celebrating Year of Global Integrity

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